I know everyone is going to post Ferrari and Lambos, V10s and V12s. But you cannot beat a small block with an aggressive cam. For a lot of us, young and old (I'm only 28) this is the first "fast car" exhaust we hear in person, and will always turn my head. » 1/26/13 2:26pm 1/26/13 2:26pm

#corrections I just want to point out that this is an XC90, not an XC60. And yes, those things are build like tanks. I'm a Volvo salesman and I've seen them, and the people inside of them, survive some really horrific stuff. » 11/05/12 9:47am 11/05/12 9:47am

Mine is a Limited, but same difference for a crash test. My question is this: How would a brush guard affect a crash like this? I would think it would actually make it worse, since the energy from the crash is going directly into the frame. But maybe someone who knows better that I do can shed some light on this? » 10/26/12 4:54pm 10/26/12 4:54pm

The one sound I will never forget came from my first group ride. About 20 different bikes, mostly sport bikes and a few Harley's carving a twisty in a small valley right next to a small stream. All of the different types of engines and pipes, and every once in a while you would catch the burbling of the stream. Oneā€¦ » 10/15/12 7:06pm 10/15/12 7:06pm